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Former Ph.D. Students of Neil de Marchi

  • Harrison, Paul (1994)
    "An analysis of the past two hundred years of stock market thinking and price variation"
  • Vromen, Jack (1994)
    "Evolution and Efficiency: An Inquiry into the foundations of 'New Institutional Economics'" (U. of Amsterdam)
  • van Zyp, Rudy (1993)
    "Austrian and New Classical Business Cycle Theories" (Free U. of Amsterdam)
  • Lail, Michael (1993)
    "The Failure of Frisch's Vision"
  • Boumans, Marcel (1992)
    "A Case of Limited Physics Transfer: Jan Tinbergen's Resources for Reshaping Economics" (U. of Amsterdam)
  • Birner, Jack (1991)
    "Strategies and Programmes in Capital Theory" (U. of Amsterdam)
  • Kim, Jinbang (1990)
    "Discovery and Testing in Economics: The Case of Job Search Theory"
  • Kim, Kyun (1986)
    "Equilibrium Business Cycle Theories"
  • Seiz, Janet (1986)
    "Business Cycle Theory and the Keynesian Revolution: A Re-Examination"