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Publications of Jane M. Gaines    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:


  1. Jane M. Gaines, Contested Culture: The Image, the Voice, and the Law (forthcoming)
  2. Jane M. Gaines, Fire and Desire: Mixed Race Movies in the Silent Era (2001), University of Chicago Press

Minor Books

  1. Jane M. Gaines, The Documentary Destiny of Cinema (2009)  [author's comments]
  2. Jane M. Gaines, Fictioning Histories: Women Film Pioneers (2009), University of Illinois Press

Edited Volumes

  1. Jane M. Gaines and Radha Vatsal, Women Film Pioneers: An International Sourcebook (U.S. and Latin America), vol. I (2008)  [author's comments]
  2. with Jane M. Gaines and Monica Dall' Asta, Women Film Pioneers: An International Sourcebook (Europe, Canada, Asia), vol. II (forthcoming), University of Illinois Press  [author's comments]
  3. with Pearl Bowser and Charles Musser, eds., Oscar Micheaux and His Circle: African American Filmmaking and Race Cinema of the Silent Era (2001), Indiana University Press
  4. Jane M. Gaines and Michael Renov, eds., Collecting Visible Evidence (1999), University of Minnesota Press
  5. Jane M. Gaines, editor, Classical Hollywood Narrative: The Paradigm Wars (1992), Duke University Press
  6. Fabrications: Costume and the Female Body, edited by J. Gaines with Charlotte Herzog (1990), Routledge/AFI (Introduction: "Fabricating the Female Body" and "Costume and Narrative." Reprinted in German trans. in Dressed to Film -- Mode und Film, eds. Sabine Berthold Wein, Austria, 1998.)

Articles in a Journal

  1. J.M. Gaines, In-and-Out-of-Race: The Story of Noble Johnson, Women and Performance (Winter, 2004)  [author's comments]
  2. J.M. Gaines, First Fictions, Signs, vol. 30 no. 1 (Fall, 2004), pp. 1293 - 1317  [author's comments]
  3. J.M. Gaines, Sexual Semiosis, Duke Journal of Gender Law and Policy, vol. 11 (Spring, 2004), pp. 55 - 67  [author's comments]
  4. J.M. Gaines, Everyday Estrangement, New Literary History, vol. 33 no. 4 (Autumn 2002), pp. 781-801
  5. J.M. Gaines, Radical Attractions, Wide Angle 21 no. 2 (2002) (Special issue on George Stoney. Reprinted in German translation in Strategies of Liberal Hegemony--Critical Renewal of Ideas of Emancipation--Papers from the Conference Honoring Frigga Haug, Hamburg, Germany (2002).)
  6. J.M. Gaines, Machines That Make the Body Do Things, Polygraph no. 13 (2001) (Reprinted in More Dirty Looks: Gender, Power, Pornography. Ed. Pamela Church- Gibson. British Film Institute, 2004.)
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  8. J.M. Gaines, The Absurdity of Property in the Person, Yae Journal of Law & the Humanities, vol. 10 no. 2 (Summer, 1998)
  9. J.M. Gaines, Queering Feminist Film Theory, Jump Cut no. 41 (Spring, 1997) (Essay review of Chris Straayer, Deviant Eyes, Deviant Bodies.)
  10. J.M. Gaines, Feminist Heterosexuality and its Politically Incorrect Pleasures, Critical Inquiry, vol. 21 no. 1 (Winter, 1995) (Reprinted in German translation in Texte Zur Kunst (September 1995); Reprinted in abridged form in Wide Angle (Winter 2001), Special issue on Women Make Movies.)
  11. J.M. Gaines, Revolutionary Theory, Pre-Revolutionary Melodrama, Discourse, vol. 17 no. 3 (Spring, 1995)
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  17. J.M. Gaines, Documentary Film and the 'Invention' of Appalachian Folk Culture, Jump Cut no. 34 (March, 1989)
  18. J.M. Gaines, The QUEEN CHRISTINA Tie-Ups: Convergence of Show Window and Screen, Quarterly Review of Film and Video XI no. 4 (1989) (Reprinted in Feminist Cultural Studies. Ed. Terry Lovell (Edward Elgar Publishing, Ltd., 1996.)
  19. J.M. Gaines, Scar of Shame: Skin Color and Caste in Black Silent Melodrama, Cinema Journal, vol. XXVI no. 4 (Summer, 1987) (Reprinted in Imitations of Life: A Reader on Film and Television Melodrama. Ed. Marcia Landy. Wayne State University Press, 1991; Black Issues in Film and Visual Media. Ed. Charlene Regester, The Black Experience in the Western Hemisphere (ProQuest and the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, forthcoming.)
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  23. J.M. Gaines with Charlotte Herzog, 'Puffed Sleeves Before Tea-Time': Joan Crawford, Adrian, and Women Audiences, Wide Angle, vol. 6 no. 4 (Spring, 1985) (Reprinted in Stardom: Industries of Desire. Ed. Christine Gledhill Routledge/British Film Institute, 1991.)
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  26. J.M. Gaines with Charlotte Herzog, The Comedy of Inequality: Hildy Johnson and the 'Man-Tailored' Suit, Film Reader, vol. 5 (Winter 1981-1982)
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Articles Accepted in Journal

  1. Jane M. Gaines, My Body: Me, Myself, and Us, Z (December, 2007)  [author's comments]
  2. Jane M. Gaines, Sad Songs of Nitrate, Camera Obscura, vol. 22 no. 3 66 (October, 2007), pp. 171 - 178 [171]
  3. Jane M. Gaines, The Production of Outrage: The Anti-War Film and the Radical Documentary Tradition, Framework, vol. 42 no. 2 (October, 2007)
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  6. J.M. Gaines, In and Out of Race, Women and Performance, vol. 29 (December, 2005)  [author's comments]
  7. J.M. Gaines, Film History and the Two Presents of Feminist Film Theory, Cinema Journal, vol. 44 no. 1 (Summer, 2005)

Articles in a Collection

  1. J.M. Gaines, "Domestic Melodrama" and "Star System" essays, in International Encyclopedia of Early Cinema, edited by Richard Abel (2005), Routledge
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Book Reviews

  1. Linda Williams, Playing the Race Card, Film Quarterly, vol. 58 no. 7 (2005)
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  5. Jane Radway, Reading the Romance: Women, Patriarchy, and Popular Literature, The Minnesota Review no. 26 (Spring, 1986)

Articles Accepted in Collection

  1. Jane M. Gaines, "The Ingenuity of Women and Genre", in Gender and Genre, edited by Christine Gledhill (2008), University of Illinois Press
  2. Jane M. Gaines, Cinema/Ideology/Society: The Cold War in Film Theory, in Handbook of Film Studies, edited by James Donald, Patrick Fuery, and Michael Renov (2007), Sage
  3. Jane M. Gaines, "The Genius of Genre", in Con/texts of Invention, edited by Mario Bagioli, Peter Jaszi, Martha Woodmansee (forthcoming)

Translation of a Book

  1. J.M. Gaines, Contested Culture: The Image, the Voice, and the Law (forthcoming), Marcial Pons Ediciones, Madrid

Translation in a Collection

  1. Jane M. Gaines, Documentary Radicality, in Nouveaux indices du monte--aspects du documentaire contemporain, edited by Jean-Luc Lioult (forthcoming, 2008)