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Hans J. Van Miegroet, Professor, Art & Art History

Hans J. Van Miegroet
Contact Info:
Office Location:  114 S. Buchanan Blvd
Office Phone:  (919) 684-2224, (919) 684-2504
Email Address: send me a message
Web Page:

Teaching (Spring 2023):

    Smith Wrhs A266, M 05:15 PM-07:45 PM
    (also cross-listed as ECON 344.01, VMS 242.01)
  • ARTHIST 508S.01, ART AND MARKETS Synopsis
    Smith Wrhs A228, Tu 05:15 PM-07:45 PM
    (also cross-listed as ECON 551S.01, VMS 567S.01)

Ph.D.University of California - Santa Barbara1988
LicenciateHigher Institute of History of Art and Archaeology, University of Ghent1983
M.A.Ghent University (Belgium)1983
MFAHigher Institute of the Arts, Ghent

Early Modern Art
Media Studies
Research Interests:

Hans J. Van Miegroet was trained at the Higher Institute for Art History and Archaeology of the University of Ghent (Belgium) and received his Ph.D. at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He focuses on economic, social, and political history of early Modern European art, with emphasis on Burgundy, France, the Netherlands, and Germany. His publications include books on Konrad Witz and Gerard David, and co-authored studies on Economics of the Arts and Markets and Novelty. He was awarded the Trinity College Distinguished Teaching Award (1991).


Europe • France • Burgundy • Netherlands • Germany • Art History • Early Modern

Current Ph.D. Students   (Former Students)

  • Katherine Devine  
  • Hillary Smith  
  • Sandra van Ginhoven  
  • Kevin Kornegay  
  • Robert Mayhew  
Representative Publications   (More Publications)

  1. H.J. Van Miegroet, A dealer ring in 1780s Paris to control sale outcomes, lessen investor uncertainty and facili¬tate low-risk, cross-border arbitrage in paintings, in Risk and Uncertainty in the Art Market, edited by Anna Dempster (2014), Bloomsbury Publishing, London-New Dehli-New York-Sydney, ISBN 9781472902900 [available here]  [abs]
  2. Miegroet, HJV; Marchi, ND, Supply-Demand Imbalance in the Antwerp Paintings Market, 1630-1680, in Moving Pictures. Intra‐European Trade in Images, 16th‐18th Centuries, edited by Sophie Raux & Neil De Marchi (2014), pp. 37-76, Brepols Publishers, Turnhout, ISBN 978-2-503-54808-1 [ShowProduct.aspx]
  3. Miegroet, HJV; Marchi, ND, Uncertainty, Family Ties and Derivative Painting in Seventeenth-Century Antwerp, in Family Ties. On Art Production, Kinship Patterns and Connections 1600-1800, edited by Stighelen, KVD; Kelchtermans, L (2012), pp. 55-76, Brepols Publishers, Turnhout, ISBN 978-2-503-54227-0 [2503542271]
  4. Miegroet, HJV; Marchi, ND, Mapping Markets for Paintings in Early Modern Europe 1450-1750 (2006)
  5. Miegroet, HJV; Marchi, ND, Comment les tableaux des anciens Pays-Bas ont envahi le marché Parisien - How Netherlandish Paintings came to Paris, in Exhibition Catalogue (2012), pp. 28-47, Musée Marmottan, Paris
  6. Miegroet, HJV; Marchi, ND, Flemish Textile Trade and New Imagery in Colonial Mexico (1524-1646), in Painting for the Kingdoms, edited by Brown, J (2010), pp. 878-923, Fomento Cultural BanaMex, Mexico City
  7. Miegroet, HJV; Marchi, ND, Antwerp Dealers’ Invasions of the Lille Market (17th Century), in Art Auctions and Dealers. The Dissemination of Netherlandish Paintings during the Ancien Régime, edited by Lyna, D; Vermeylen, F; Vlieghe, H (2009), pp. 43-58, Brepols Publishers, Turnhout
  8. Miegroet, HJV, Copies fantômes la culture imitative au début de l’époque moderne en Europe, in L’estampe, un art multiple à la portée de tous, edited by Raux, S (2008), pp. 47-64, Presse Universitaire Lille
  9. Miegroet, HJV; Marchi, ND, The Rise of Dealer-Auctioneers. Information and Transparency in Markets for Netherlandish Paintings, in Art Market and connoisseurship in the Dutch Golden Age, edited by Jonckheere, IK; Tummers, A (2008), pp. 149-174, Amsterdam University Press
  10. Miegroet, HJV; Marchi, ND, History of Art Markets, in Handbook on the Economics of Art and Culture, Elsevier Science, Amsterdam-London-Tokyo, edited by Ginsburgh, V; Throsby, D (2006), pp. 69-122
  11. Miegroet, HJV; Marchi, ND, The Antwerp-Mechelen Production and Export Complex, in Album Amicorum J. Michael Montias, edited by Misozuki, M (2007), pp. 133-147, University of Amsterdam Press, Amsterdam (US: University of Chicago Press.)
  12. Miegroet, HJV, Dealing Netherlandish Painting in an Expanding Paris Art Market (1750-1815), in Auctions, Agents, and Dealers: the Mechanisms of the European Art Market ca. 1660-1860, edited by Warren, J; Turpin, A (2007), pp. 41-51, OXFORD
  13. Miegroet, HJV; Marchi, ND, Transforming the Paris Art Market, 1718-1750, in Mapping Markets for Paintings in Early Modern Europe 1450-1750 (2006), pp. 391-410, Brepols Publishers, Turnhout
  14. Miegroet, HJV, Recycling Netherlandish Paintings in Eighteenth-century France, in Collectioner dans les Flandres et la France du Nord au VIIIe siècle, edited by Raux, S (March, 2005), pp. 251-288, Recherches de Travail des Sciences Historiques, Université Charles de Gaule, Lille-3  [abs]
Selected Invited Lectures

  1. Art Export, International Textiles Trade Networks and New Imagery in Americas in the Early Modern Period, August 22, 2012, Eigennutz und gute Ordnung. Ökonomisierungen der Welt im 17. Jahrhundert, International Kongress des Wolfenbütteler Arbeitskreises für Barockforschung in der Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel, Germany    
  2. Innovative Market Strategies to facilitate Arbitrage of Netherlandish Art between Amsterdam and Paris, June 14, 2012, 5th International Art & Finance Conference, Art 43 Basel, Switzerland    
  3. The Interface of Economics and Art History, May 03, 2012, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico City    
  4. Still Life and its Display in Private and Public Collections: the Influence of Fashion and Market, November 03, 2012, Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, CA