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Margaret A. McKean, Associate Professor, Political Science, and Secondary Appointment with Nicholas School of Environment and Earth Sciences

Margaret A. McKean
Contact Info:
On leave 2005-2006
Office Location:  210G Gross Hall, Box 90204
Office Phone:  (919) 660-4300
Email Address: send me a message


Ph.D.University of California - Berkeley1974
M.A.Harvard University1968
B.A.University of California at Berkeley1967

Comparative Politics
environmental policy
Political Economy
Political Institutions
Research Interests: Japan, Pacific Basin, and Property Rights

Associate Professor of Political Science, specializes in Japanese politics and environmental and resource politics. She is the author of Environmental Protest and Citizen Politics in Japan (1981), and has written several chapters and articles on citizen activism, environmental policy-making, energy policy, and economic distribution in Japan. More recently she has been working on the relationship between property rights and environmental outcomes, and on the management of common-pool resources in particular, in Japan and elsewhere. She was a member of the National Academy of Science’s panel on Common Property and Environmental Management, served as President of the International Association for the Study of Common Property, and serves now on the North American Sustainable Use Specialist Group of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Her current research is on electoral reform in Japan, collective choice and the management of scarce resources in Japan, and on nationalization and subsequent devolution of property rights in common-pool resources around the globe.


Asia • Japan • Political Science • Environment

Curriculum Vitae
Representative Publications   (More Publications)

  1. M.A. McKean, The Common Good in Bad Times: Japan's Experience with Collective Choice under Scarcity (in progress)
  2. M.A. McKean, "Designing New Common Property Regimes for New Landscape Futures", in Landscape Future, edited by David Brunckhorst and David Mouat (2000), Armidale, New South Wales: University of New England, Instittute for Bioregional Resource Management
  3. McKean, MA, "Common-Pool Resources in the Context of Japanese History", World Wide Business Review, vol. 5 no. 1 (2003), pp. 132-159
  4. McKean, MA; Scheiner, E, "Japan's New Electoral System: La plus ça change...", Electoral Studies, vol. 19 no. 4 (December, 2000), pp. 447-477
  5. People and Forests: Communities, Institutions, and Governance, edited by Margaret McKean, Clark Gibson and Elinor Ostrom (2000), Cambridge: MIT Press
  6. M.A. McKean, "Rational Choice Analysis and Area Studies: Enemies or Partners?", in Beyond the Area Studies Wars: Toward a New International Studies, edited by Neil Waters (2000), pp. 29-63, University Press of New England
  7. M.A. McKean, Clark Gibson and Elinor Ostrom, "Explaining Deforestation: The Role of Local Institutions", in People and Forests: Communities, Institutions, and Governance (2000), pp. 1-26, Cambridge: MIT Press
  8. Making the Commons Work: Theory, Practice, and Policy, edited by Daniel Bromley, David Feeny, Margaret A. McKean, Pauline Peters, Jere Gilles, Ronald Oakerson, C. Ford Range, and James Thomson (1992), San Francisco: Institute of Contemporary Studies
  9. "Common Property: What is It, What is it Good For, and What Makes it Work?", in People and Forests: Communities, Institutions, and Governance, edited by M.A. McKean, Clark Gibson and Elinor Ostrom (2000), pp. 27-55, Cambridge: MIT Press
  10. M.A. McKean, Clark Gibson and Elinor Ostrom, "Conclusion," Chapter 9, in People and Forests: Communities, Institutions, and Governance (2000), pp. 227-242, Cambridge: MIT Press