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  1. JW Swanson, JP Morrissey, I Goldstrom, L Rudolph, RW Manderscheid, Funding, expenditures, and staffing of mental health services in state adult correctional facilities: United States, 1988., Mental health statistical note no. 208 (July, 1993), pp. 1-20, ISSN 0361-9311
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    State-by-State data concerning the sources of funding, expenditures, and staffing for mental health services in State correctional facilities are reported for 1988 from the first national survey of prison mental health services conducted by the Center for Mental Health Services. Among all States, the total annual funding per prison inmate for mental health services varied widely, ranging from $5.67 to $3,159.41 per inmate, with a mean of $469.67 and median of $303.48 per inmate. States that administered 24-hour hospital mental health care to prisoners solely through the Department of Corrections (DOC) also tended to fund all types of mental health services solely through the DOC. However, in States where the Department of Mental Health (DMH) had primary administrative responsibility for 24-hour hospital mental health care, funding sources for all types of mental health services available to prison inmates were more likely to be mixed--i.e., funded through DOC as well as through DMH and other administrative entities. Master's-level mental health providers outnumbered doctoral-level professionals by more than two to one. At both of these educational levels, psychologists were numerically the largest category of provider, followed by social workers among master's-trained professionals, and followed by psychiatrists among those with doctorates. The single largest category was mental health workers with bachelor's-level training or less; this group accounted for about 44 percent of all mental health staff on State prison payrolls.

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