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  1. Daleiden, EL; Chorpita, BF; Kollins, SH; Drabman, RS, Factors affecting the reliability of clinical judgments about the function of children's school-refusal behavior., Journal of Clinical Child Psychology, vol. 28 no. 3 (September, 1999), pp. 396-406, ISSN 0047-228X [10446689], [doi]
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    Conducted two studies to examine the interrater reliability, test-retest stability, and the effect of various clinician variables, such as years of clinical experience, theoretical orientation, and prior experience with children, on clinical judgments about the reinforcement functions of children's school-refusal behavior. Results indicated that the judgments by individual clinicians were of questionable reliability. Judgments aggregated across 3 clinicians yielded acceptable interrater and test-retest reliability in Study 1, but a greater number of clinicians were necessary to achieve acceptable reliability in Study 2. Years of clinical experience and training were the only clinician variables related to the reliability of judgments about reinforcement functions. Several recommendations for the clinical assessment of the function of children's school-refusal behavior are discussed.

    Adolescent • Adolescent Psychiatry* • Child • Female • Humans • Male • Observer Variation • Professional Competence • Reinforcement (Psychology) • Reproducibility of Results • Student Dropouts • psychology*