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  1. LT Wu, DJ Pilowsky, WM Wechsberg, WE Schlenger, Injection drug use among stimulant users in a national sample., The American journal of drug and alcohol abuse, vol. 30 no. 1 (2004), pp. 61-83, ISSN 0095-2990
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    OBJECTIVE: This study examined the correlates of injection drug use (IDU) in a community sample of psychostimulant users. Factors related to the cessation of illicit drug use and substance abuse service utilization were also determined among a subsample of stimulant users who reported IDU. METHODS: The study sample consisted of 3408 lifetime psychostimulant users from the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse. Logistic regression procedures were used to estimate independent associations of correlates of IDU. RESULTS: Approximately one in seven lifetime stimulant users reported IDU in their lifetime. Stimulant users with a lifetime history of IDU were more likely than those who did not inject to be African-American, not have received a high school diploma, have a history of multiple drug use, and report an onset of stimulant use before age 18. Among recent stimulant users, being aged 26 or older, using stimulants at least weekly, and getting drunk in the past year were associated with increased odds of recent IDU. Only one-half of all injection drug users reported having ever used substance abuse services. Cessation of illicit drug use among injectors with a history of stimulant use is common (44%). CONCLUSIONS: Further studies should clarify the natural history of IDU among stimulant users, including the cessation of drug use without participating in substance abuse treatment services.

    Adolescent • Adult • Age Factors • Age of Onset • Alcoholic Intoxication • Amphetamines • Central Nervous System Stimulants • Child • Cross-Sectional Studies • Female • Health Surveys • Humans • Logistic Models • Male • Substance Abuse, Intravenous • United States • administration & dosage* • epidemiology • epidemiology* • rehabilitation