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  1. LT Wu, JC Anthony, Tobacco smoking and other suspected antecedents of nonmedical psychostimulant use in the United States, 1995., Substance use & misuse, vol. 34 no. 9 (July, 1999), pp. 1243-59, ISSN 1082-6084
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    This study investigates the extent to which tobacco smoking is associated with the nonmedical use of psychostimulants and the temporal order of the age of first use for tobacco and psychostimulants within a nationally representative sample of United States household residents. At the same time, alcohol use and other suspected determinants of psychostimulant use are investigated and held constant, using multiple regression models. Data were taken from public use files of the 1995 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse. Conditional logistic regression analyses were performed to derive estimated relative odds of using stimulants for tobacco smokers versus nonsmokers, holding constant other potentially distorting influences. This study provides recent evidence on tobacco smoking as one of the potentially malleable risk factors for the nonmedical use of stimulant drugs.

    Adolescent • Adult • Age Factors • Alcohol-Related Disorders • Central Nervous System Stimulants • Ethnic Groups • Female • Health Surveys • Humans • Male • Odds Ratio • Recurrence • Risk Factors • Sampling Studies • Sex Factors • Substance-Related Disorders • Tobacco Use Disorder • United States • administration & dosage* • complications* • epidemiology • epidemiology* • ethnology • etiology • etiology* • prevention & control