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  1. Lamont, A. E., Woodlief, D. T., & Malone, P. S., Predicting high-risk versus higher-risk substance use during late adolescence from early adolescent risk factors using latent class analysis, Addiction Research & Theory, vol. 22 (2014), pp. 78-89 [16066359.2013.772587], [doi]
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    Much of the existing risk factor literature focuses on identifying predictors of low levels of substance use versus higher-levels of substance use. In this article, we explore more nuanced patterns of alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) use during late adolescence. Our aims were to: (1) identify subgroups of youth with qualitatively different patterns of ATOD use and (2) explore whether membership among qualitatively distinct, high-risk classes could be predicted based on early adolescent risk factors. Data came from a selected subsample of the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (nā€‰=ā€‰1689). Predictors were measured when youth were about 12 years old; ATOD use was assessed when youth were aged 17 years. Results showed that adolescent ATOD use is not a homogenous behavior. Four distinct classes of adolescent ATOD users were derived. Each class had a qualitatively distinct and discriminable pattern of ATOD use. Ecological predictors were shown to differentiate between latent classes, with peer factors playing a particularly important role in differentiating between high-risk and higher-risk users. Implications for prevention and limitations are discussed.

    latent class analysis (LCA) • ATOD use • risk factors • peer victimization • development • substance use • • • • Read More: