Patrick S. Malone

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  1. Schulting, A.B., Malone, P.S., & Dodge, K.A., The effect of school-based kindergarten transition policies and practices on child academic outcomes, Developmental Psychology, vol. 41 (2005), pp. 860-871
    (last updated on 2006/01/20)

    This study examined the effect of school- based kindergarten transition policies and practices on child outcomes. Such practices include telephone contacts, newsletters, home visits, and open houses to greet families. 17,212 children from 992 schools in the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study – Kindergarten sample (ECLS-K) were followed across the kindergarten school year. Hierarchical linear modeling with children nested within classrooms and schools revealed that the number of school-based transition practices in the fall of kindergarten was associated with more positive academic achievement scores at the end of kindergarten, even controlling for family socioeconomic status and other demographic factors. This effect was stronger for low- and middle-SES children than high-SES children. For low-SES children, 7 transition practices were associated with a .21 standard deviation increase in achievement scores beyond 0 practices. The effect of transition practices was partially mediated by an intervening effect on parent- initiated involvement in school during the kindergarten year. The findings support education policies to target kindergarten transition efforts to increase parent involvement in low-SES families.