Patrick S. Malone

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  1. Gilbert, D.T., & Malone, P.S., The correspondence bias, Psychological Bulletin, vol. 117 (1995), pp. 21-38 [&%20Malone%20(CORRESPONDENCE%20BIAS).pdf]
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    The correspondence bias is the tendency to draw inferences about a person's unique and enduring dispositions from behaviors that can be entirely explained by the situations in which they occur. Although this tendency is one of the most fundamental phenomena in social psychology, its causes and consequences remain poorly understood. This article sketches an intellectual history of the correspondence bias as an evolving problem in social psychology, describes 4 mechanisms (lack of awareness, unrealistic expectations, inflated categorizations, and incomplete corrections) that produce distinct forms of correspondence bias, and discusses how the consequences of correspondence-biased inferences may perpetuate such inferences.