Publications [#271340] of Kelly D. Brownell

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Journal Articles

  1. Pomeranz, JL; Brownell, KD. "Advancing public health obesity policy through state attorneys general.." American Journal of Public Health 101.3 (March, 2011): 425-431. [available here], [doi]
    (last updated on 2023/12/02)

    Obesity in the United States exacts a heavy health and financial toll, requiring new approaches to address this public health crisis. State attorneys general have been underutilized in efforts to formulate and implement food and obesity policy solutions. Their authority lies at the intersection of law and public policy, creating unique opportunities unavailable to other officials and government entities. Attorneys general have a broad range of authority over matters specifically relevant to obesity and nutrition policy, including parens patriae (parent of the country) authority, protecting consumer interests, enacting and supporting rules and regulations, working together across states, engaging in consumer education, and drafting opinions and amicus briefs. Significant room exists for greater attorney general involvement in formulating and championing solutions to public health problems such as obesity.

Kelly D. Brownell