Publications [#347801] of Molly Goldwasser

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Journal Articles

  1. Martin, K; Goldwasser, M; Galentino, R. "Impact of cohort bonds on student satisfaction and engagement." Current Issues in Education 19.3 (2016).
    (last updated on 2022/12/04)

    This study examines differences in student satisfaction and engagement in cohort programs versus traditional, non-cohort educational programs by studying the impact of close bonds between students. The authors measure and compare “close bonds” within an educational cohort to a traditional program and measure the impact of close bonds on satisfaction and engagement. The results demonstrate significant difference in the bonds developed by students in cohort programs compared to non-cohort programs. The close bonds scale was strongly correlated to the engagement scale and moderately correlated to the satisfaction scale. Regression analysis suggests close bonds may predict both satisfaction and engagement.

Molly Goldwasser