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Katie Rosanbalm, Research Scientist, Senior of Sanford School of Public Policy and Center for Child and Family Policy  

Office Location: Erwin Square Mill Bldg Bay C Rm 209, 2024 W. Main St, Durham, NC 27705
Office Phone: +1 919 668 3294
Duke Box: 90539
Email Address: katie.rosanbalm@duke.edu

Areas of Expertise

    Ph.D., Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, 2002
    Medical Psychology Intern, Child Specialization, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina, 2000
    M.S., Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, 1997
    B.A., University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, 1993

    Teaching (Spring 2021):

    • Childpol 495s.01, Capstone course: childpol cert Synopsis
      Sanford 07, TuTh 03:30 PM-04:45 PM

    Recent Publications   (More Publications)

    1. Rosanbalm, K; DeKonty, E; Fleming, S. "North Carolina Resilience and Learning Project." Alleviating the Educational Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences: School-University-Community Collaboration. Ed. Reardon, RM; Leonard, J Information Age Publishing, May, 2020: 1-38.
    2. Murray, DW; Rosanbalm, K; Christopoulos, C; Meyer, AL. "An Applied Contextual Model for Promoting Self-Regulation Enactment Across Development: Implications for Prevention, Public Health and Future Research.." The Journal of Primary Prevention 40.4 (August, 2019): 367-403. [doi]  [abs]
    3. Murray, D; Rosanbalm, KD; Christopoulos, C. "An Applied Translational Model of Self-Regulation Development in Context." Applied Developmental Science (2018).
    4. Rosanbalm, KD; Snyder, EH; Lawrence, CN; Coleman, K; Frey, JJ; van den Ende, JB; Dodge, KA. "Child wellbeing assessment in child welfare: A review of four measures." Children and Youth Services Review 68 (September, 2016): 1-16. [doi]  [abs]
    5. Murray, D; Rosanbalm, KD; Christopoulos, C. "A comprehensive review of self-regulation interventions from birth through young adulthood."  Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation, 2016


    Katie Rosanbalm is trained as a child clinical and quantitative psychologist. Her work focuses on program implementation and evaluation in the areas of early childhood systems, self-regulation development, child welfare, and trauma-sensitive schools. She has conducted longitudinal evaluations of child welfare reform, early childhood Systems of Care, and prevention/intervention programs for mental health and education.

    Rosanbalm co-authored a series of white papers on self-regulation development from birth through early adulthood. She has also served on multiple state-level boards and task forces to strengthen the evidence-based implementation of programs for children and families.

    Rosanbalm currently leads several ongoing evaluation projects, including:

    COVID-19 Resources

    Rosanbalm recently created a webinar, Self-Care: How to Combat Stress with Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic. She also shared a resource for people living with domestic violence during stay-at-home orders.

    Tip Sheets on Supporting the Development of Self-Regulation in Young Children

    Co-authored by Katie Rosanbalm for the Office of Planning, Research & Evaluation, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

    Explore these tips for helping caregivers use co-regulation to support development of self-regulation skills in preschoolers and young children in home settings.

    Research Interests
    • Child Maltreatment
    • Self-Regulation
    • Trauma-Sensitive Schools
    • Program Evaluation
    • Early Childhood

    Katie Rosanbalm