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Shane Rea

Shane Rea

Research Associate (Inst. of Behav. Genetics, U of Colorado) and PPARC Research Collaborator (on NIA Grants)
Contact Info 
Location: Inst. of Behavioral Genetics, Univ. of Colorado
Office Phone: 303 492 2505 (Colorado)
Office Fax: 303 492 8063
Email Address:  send me a message
Mailing Address: Inst. for Behavioral Genetics UCB 447 University of Colorado Colorado 80309
  • PhD

Research Summary:
Using the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, the project determines the mortality curves through life, focusing on extreme longevity. The project studies the effect of environmental determinants (and other determinants) of extended longevity in large cohorts of the nematode.