Research Interests for Didem Z Havlioglu

Research Interests:

Modern/Ottoman Turkish Language and Literature, Middle East Women's Studies, Early Modern Ottoman Intellectual and Literary History

Recent Publications
  1. Havlioglu, D, Mihrî Hatun Performance, Gender-Bending, and Subversion in Ottoman Intellectual History (November, 2017), Syracuse University Press, ISBN 0815654154 [abs]
  2. Border Crossing with the Black Book: Overcoming the Spatial, Cultural and Linguistic Distances, in Approaches to Teaching the Works of Orhan Pamuk (2017), Approaches to Teaching World L, ISBN 1603293191 [abs]
  3. Havlioğlu, D, The Writing Subjects, Journal of Middle East Women'S Studies, vol. 12 no. 2 (July, 2016), pp. 291-295, Duke University Press [doi]
  4. Havlioğlu, D, On the margins and between the lines: Ottoman women poets from the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries, Turkish Historical Review, vol. 1 no. 1 (May, 2010), pp. 25-54, Brill, ISSN 1877-5454 [repository], [doi]