Publications [#326452] of Elabbas Benmamoun

Papers Published

  1. Benmamoun, E, Remarks and replies: The syntax of quantifiers and quantifier float, Linguistic Inquiry, vol. 30 no. 4 (September, 1999), pp. 621-642 .
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    The Arabic quantifier kull displays a Q_NP and NP_Q alternation. Shlonsky (1991) argues that in both patterns Q heads a QP projection with the NP as a complement that may undergo movement to [Spec, QP] or beyond to yield the NP_Q pattern and Q-float structures. On the contrary, I argue on the basis of evidence from reconstruction, Case, and agreement that the two patterns are radically different. In the Q_NP pattern Q is indeed the head of a QP projection that contains the NP. In the NP_Q pattern, however, Q heads a QP adjunct that modifies the NP and in some cases the VP. © 1999 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.