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Publications [#293906] of Hitomi Endo

Papers Published

  1. Kurokawa, N; Endo, H, Facilitating Kanji Acquisition and Retention by Using Web-based Practice, Proceedings of the 2004 SEATJ Annual Conference, edited by Professor Toshiko Kishimoto, Clemson University, proceedings of the 19th SEATJ (Spring, 2004), SEATJ [available here] .
    (last updated on 2018/09/09)

    Author's Comments:
    This website developed is available for Duke students as well as for students in other universities at

    How can computer technology enhance learning kanji? Currently there are websites available, which introduce kanji (stroke order/readings/meanings), however, we are seeking to develop the site focused on practice. This paper’s objectives are two-fold. One is to introduce the web-based kanji practice supplementary material developed at Duke. The other is to report students’ feedback and discuss the effect of computer-assisted practice of kanji. Originally the web page was created by one of our students for his kanji practice and we are developing the material further to make it available to all students. This material is designed to help the students of 1st through 3rd year Japanese practice readings and meanings of kanji. It provides four types of practice and students can choose the practice based on their need. Approximately 800 kanji introduced in Genki I, II and Intermediate Japanese are included and it can be used as a review tool. We tested the material this semester and got the students’ feedback by questionnaires.

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