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Publications [#293907] of Hitomi Endo

Papers Published

  1. Endo, H, Issues Regarding Placement, edited by Kikuchi, M, Proceedings of the 2005 SEATJ Annual Conference (Fall, 2005), SEATJ .
    (last updated on 2018/09/09)

    The number of the students who enter college with language background has been increasing and I would like to bring up the difficulties I have dealt with regarding placement. I have found placement to be quite complex involves many factors and there were even cases it failed. This presentation firstly provides information on a placement practice at Duke and then discusses various issues came up through the practice and shares ideas with participants. The issues include: articulation between high school curriculum and college curriculum, heritage learners, placement test materials, placement after study abroad, students’ progress after being placed, etc. In addition, I would like to report the use of new proficiency testing materials I am going to try out during this semester.

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