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Sidra Ezrahi, Visiting Professor

Please note: Sidra has left the "Asian & Middle Eastern Studies" group at Duke University; some info here might not be up to date.

Contact Info:
Office Location:  2101 Campus Drive
Office Phone:  919 681 4592
Email Address: send me a message



Recent Publications   (More Publications)

  1. S. Ezrahi, "The Jewish Journey in the Late Fiction of Aharon Appelfeld: Return, Repair or Repetition?", Special Bi-Lingual Edition of Mikan, edited by Dana Ben-Zaken, Risa Domb and Yigal Schwartz, The World of Aharon Appelfeld, vol. 5 (January, 2005), pp. 47-55
  2. S. Ezrahi, "Tzion, halo tishali? Yerushalayim ke-metaphora nashit" [Hebrew], in Festschrift Volume, in honor of Dan Miron, edited by Hannan Hever (forthcoming 2005) (Translation: "Zion, will you not ask? Jerusalem as Feminine Metaphor".)
  3. S. Ezrahi, America as the Theatre of Jewish Comedy: From Sholem Aleichem to Grace Paley, in Studia Judaica, edited by Gyemant Ladislau, vol. XIII (2005), pp. 74-82, Cluj, Romania
  4. S. Ezrahi, Sentient Dogs, Liberated Rams, and Talking Asses: Agnon's Biblical Zoo--Or Rereading Timol shilshom, AJS Review, vol. 28 no. 1 (April, 2004), pp. 105-135
  5. S. Ezrahi, Questions of Authenticity, in Teaching the Representation of the Holocaust, Modern Language Association Series on "Options for Teaching", edited by Marianne Hirsch and Irene Kacandes (2004), pp. 52-67, NY: The Modern Language Association of America

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