Takushi Odagiri, Research Scientist

Takushi Odagiri

Associate Professor (Humanities/Liberal Studies), Kettering University Michigan, United States (currently on leave)
Global Asia Research Fellow (Global Asia Initiative), Duke University, NC, United States (2016-2017)

M.D. (Tokyo)
Ph.D. (Stanford)
National License for Medical Practice

Environmental Humanities
Medical Humanities
Global Asia
Japanese Religions
Japanese Cinema and Popular Culture

1. East Asian Religions and Thought
2. Biomedical Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Phenomenology
3. Cinema and Global Coloniality, World History, World Literature, Film Theory, Critical Theory

Recent News: Anime in Japanese Historical Context (February 2016)
News: Link to Seo Mitsuo's 1945 animation film (November 2016)
News: Kawase Naomi, Surfaces, and World Cinema (2015)
News: Talk on Attack on Titan (January 2016)
Screening (for Spring 2017): Shinkai Makoto's 2016 anime Your Name (君の名は)

Theorizing Colonial Cinemas (November 2016)Theorizing Colonial Cinemas
(November 2016)
(theorizing colonial questions regarding cinemas of the former annexed territories of the Japanese empire, including Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Manchuria, Hong Kong)


"Kawase Naomi, Surfaces, World Cinema" positions: asia critique (2017)

"Three Fascicles of Zen Treatise Shobogenzo" The Journal of Religion (2016) 96(4): 467-487 

"Crisis and World Temporality: The Post-Fukushima Binary of the Everyday" Boundary 2 (2015) 42(3): 97-112

"The End of Literature and The Beginning of Praxis: Wagô Ryôichi’s Pebbles of Poetry"
Japan Forum – Official Journal of the British Association for Japanese Studies, 26:3,
2014: 361-382 (Special Issue: Beyond Fukushima: Culture, Media, and Meaning from Catastrophe)

"On Being-Outside: Two Contradictory Ideas of Self-hood in Nishida"
in Kitarō Nishida in der Philosophie des 20. Jahrhunderts,Alber-Verlag, Freiburg

"Bioethics and Externalism: Investigating PCBE Reports on Human Dignity"
Bioethics,23:1, September 2013:176-183.

"Subculture and World Literature: On Mizumura Minae’s Shishôsetsu from left to right(1995)"
Japan Forum – Official Journal of the British Association for Japanese Studies, 25:2,
May 2013:233-258.

"On Nishida’s Rationality Thesis"
Philosophy East and West, 62:2, April 2012: 197-222.

"Self-Knowledge and Ethics of Suicide: A Narratological Study"
Journal of Philosophy and Ethics in Medicine, 6, August 2012: 79-97.

"First Person Exteriority"
Tetsugaku (Philosophy) – Official Journal of Japan Philosophy Association, 62,
May 2011: 189-204.

"Maeda Ai’s Predicate-Theory"
Japan Review, 22, July 2010: 201-212.

"The Logic of Cinematograph and Exteriority: Nishida’s Concept of Noumenality"
Annual Report of Nishida Philosophy Association, 7, July 2010: 91-103.

"On The Idea of Falliblism in Shôbôgenzô: Investigating Kattô Fascicle"
Journal of Indian and Buddhist Studies, 58:1, December 2009: 91-94.

"The First-Person Authority and Nishida’s Practical Philosophy"
Annual Report of Nishida Philosophy Association, 6, July 2009: 145-168.

"From Self-Reflexivity to Contingency: Nishida’s Thesis on Self-Knowledge"
Frontiers of Japanese Philosophy, 3, December 2008: 73-92


“March 11, Biopraxis, and Shinran” March 10, 2016. In McGill University

“Biopolotics, Posthumanism, Attack on Titan” February 29, 2016. In Bowling Green State University

“Cinema and Biopraxis after 2011” January 15, 2016. In Furman University

“Biopolitics and Biopraxis: Karatani’s The Structure of World History” April 19, 2014. Conference on Karatani Kôjin, titled From the Mode of Production to the Mode of Exchange, In Duke University (Organized by Fredric Jameson)

“2011: A Crisis of World Temporality and The Binary of Everyday” March 10, 2014. In The Chinese University of Hong Kong


"Dogen's Fallibilism" Journal of Religion (forthcoming)

"Kawase's Introspective Style" positions: asia critique (accepted for publication, forthcoming)

"Miki Kiyoshi's Binary" Boundary 2 (accepted for publication, forthcoming)

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Recent Publications

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  2. Odagiri, T, Crisis and World Temporality: The Post-Fukushima Binary of the Everyday, Boundary 2, vol. 42 no. 3 (August, 2015), pp. 97-112 [doi]
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