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  1. Kirk, EC; Williams, BA, Corrigendum to "New adapiform primate of Old World affinities from the Devil's Graveyard Formation of Texas" [J Hum Evol 61 (2011) 156-168]., Journal of Human Evolution, vol. 125 (December, 2018), pp. 1
    (last updated on 2019/07/23)

    © 2011 Elsevier Ltd Kirk and Williams (2011:157) erected the genus Mescalerolemur, but on page 158 the new genus name was misspelled due to a printer's error as “Mescalolemur” in combination with the correct species epithet “horneri”. The principle of First Reviewer does not apply in this case (ICZN, 1999:Art. 24.2.5), as the etymology section states that the name derives from “Mescalero” (Kirk and Williams, 2011:158), and therefore there is clear evidence in the original publication itself that “Mescalolemur” is an incorrect spelling. It can be therefore concluded that Mescalerolemur Kirk and Williams, 2011 is the correct original spelling and that “Mescalolemur” is an incorrect original spelling, unavailable from a nomenclatural viewpoint.