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Jackson P. Spradley, Graduate Assistant

Jackson P. Spradley
Contact Info:
Office Location:  0013 Biological Sciences Building
Email Address:   send me a message
Web Page:  


B.S.University of Arkansas2012

Primate Paleontology & Morphology
Vertebrate Paleontology
Primate Ecology
Functional Anatomy
Research Interests: South American mammalian paleontology

My research is on the interplay between geography and climate on one hand, and species richness and adaptive morphology on the other. Specifically I am studying how primates, rodents, and marsupials co-vary with climate in South America. This involves both species richness data from field observations and specimen-based measurments of ecomorphology. Ultimately, the results obtained from modern faunas can be used to reconstruct the paleoenvironments of fossil faunas.

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