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Martin Hora, Affiliate

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  1. Hora, M; Pontzer, H; Sladek, V. "Persistence hunting in Levant: Both Neandertals and modern humans could run down a horse."  WILEY, March, 2019: 107-107.
  2. Hora, M; Sládek, V. "Population specificity of sex estimation from vertebrae." Forensic Science International 291 (October, 2018): 279.e1-279.e12. [doi]
  3. Hora, M; Soumar, L; Pontzer, H; Sládek, V. "Body size and lower limb posture during walking in humans.." Plos One 12.2 (January, 2017): e0172112. [doi]  [abs]
  4. Sládek, V; Hora, M; Farkašová, K; Rocek, TR. "Impact of grinding technology on bilateral asymmetry in muscle activity of the upper limb." Journal of Archaeological Science 72 (August, 2016): 142-156. [doi]
  5. Sládek, V; Ruff, CB; Berner, M; Holt, B; Niskanen, M; Schuplerová, E; Hora, M. "The impact of subsistence changes on humeral bilateral asymmetry in Terminal Pleistocene and Holocene Europe." Journal of Human Evolution 92 (March, 2016): 37-49. [doi]

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