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Margaret R. Clarke, Visiting Assistant Professor

Research Summary:
Interests and Expertise

Primate Behavior and Ecology, Human Evolution, Evolutionary Theory, Population Dynamics, Immunology and Behavior, New World Monkeys, Old World Monkeys.

Field Experience

Longterm field research on howling monkeys at La Pacifica, Guanacaste, Costa Rica since 1978. Additional field experience on Key Lois and Raccoon Key in Florida.

Research Experience

* Studies at the San Francisco Zoo, Central Florida Zoo and Audubon Zoo New Orleans on various nonhuman primates.

* Studies on captive animals at the California Primate Research Center, the Bowman Grey School of Medicine Research Farm and the Tulane Primate Center. Breeding, social interactions, enrichment and behavior and immunology.

Representative Publications   (More Publications)   (search)

  1. Clarke, M.R., Crockett, C.M., Zucker, E.L., Zaldivar, M.. "Mantled howler population of Hacienda La Pacifica, Costa Rica from 1991 to 1998: Effects of deforestation." AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PRIMATOLOGY 56 (2002): 155-163.
  2. Clarke, M.R., Collins, D.A., Zucker, E.L.. "Adaptations to deforestation in a free-ranging group of mantled howlers (Alouatta palliata) in Costa Rica." INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRIMATOLOGY 23.2 (2002): 365-381.
  3. Clarke, M.R., Crockett, C.M., Zucker, E.L., Zaldivar, M.. "A comparison of methods to survey free-ranging monkeys in the Costa Rican dry forest." LABORATORY PRIMATE NEWSLETTER 40.4 (2001): 4-6.
  4. Clarke, M.R., O’Neil, J.A.S.. "Morphometric comparison of Chinese-origin and Indian-derived rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta)." AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PRIMATOLOGY 47.4 (1999): 335-246.
  5. Clarke, M.R., Glander, K.E., Zucker, E.L.. "Infant-nonmother interactions in mantled howling monkeys." INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRIMATOLOGY 19 (1998): 451-472.
  6. Clarke M.R,; Harrison, R.M.; Didier, E.S.. "Behavioral, immunological and hormonal responses associated with social change in rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta)." AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PRIMATOLOGY 39 (1996): 223-233.
  7. Clarke MR & Cogswell FB.. "A comparison of two protocols to monitor parasitism in socially housed rhesus monkeys." CONTEMPORARY TOPICS IN LABORATORY ANIMAL SCIENCE 34.5 (1995): 82-83.
  8. Clarke, M.R., Blanchard, J.L., Snyder, J.A.. "Infant-killing in pigtailed macaques: A colony management concern." LABORATORY PRIMATE NEWSLETTER 34.4 (1995): 1-3.
  9. Clarke MR, Zucker EL and Glander KE. "Group takeover by a natal male howling monkey (Alouatta palliata) and associated disappearance and injuries of immatures." PRIMATES 35.S4 (1994): 435-442.
  10. Clarke MR and Zucker EL. "Survey of the howling monkey population of La Pacifica: A seven-year follow-up." INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRIMATOLOGY 15.1 (1994): 29-41.

  • Ph.D., University of California, Davis, CA, 1982
  • M.A., University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, 1971
  • B.S., Mills College, Oakland, CA, 1969

Contact Info: 

Box 90383
One Science Drive | 919-660-7328 | mrclarke@duke.edu

Curriculum Vitae

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