Stephen A. Wainwright, James B. Duke Professor Emeritus  

Stephen A. Wainwright

Office Location: 036 Bio Sci
Email Address:

Organismal Biology and Behavior

Research Categories: Biomechanics; Design in organisms and engineering

Current projects: Sculptures illustrating biostructural theory, Locomotor design in fishes

Research Description: Mechanical design in plants and animals and Unmanned Undersea Vehicles. 2- and 3-D images and working models as hypotheses to clarify structure and function.

Areas of Interest:
Accommodation to forces
Design of 3-D working models
Fabrication of models
3-D working models as hypotheses

Recent Publications   (search)

  1. S.A. Wainwright, Axis and Circumference (1988), Harvard Univ. Press .
  2. S.A. Wainwright, W.D.Biggs, J.D.Currey, J.M.Gosline, Mechanical Design in Organisms (1980), Princeton Univ. Press .

Curriculum Vitae