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  1. Haga, SB, Individualizing pharmacogenomic test results in the context of the microbiome., Per Med, vol. 17 no. 6 (November, 2020), pp. 459-468 [doi] .
    (last updated on 2021/07/26)

    The field of pharmacogenetic testing was hailed as one of the early successful clinical applications arising from the personalized (or precision) medicine revolution. Substantial progress has been made to identify genes and genetic variants involved in drug response and establish clinical implementation programs. Yet, drug response is a complex trait and recent work has highlighted the key role played by the gut microbiome. As the study of the gut microbiome and pharmacogenetics converge, it may be possible to generate more precise predictions of drug response and improve health outcomes to treatments. Substantial effort will be needed to understand the dynamic impact of the microbiome and the interplay with host genetics and how to implement expanded pharmacogenetic testing.