Rindy C. Anderson, Research Scientist  

Rindy C. Anderson

I study behavioral ecology with a focus on animal social behavior and communication. I use field and laboratory experiments to study the form and function of communication signals, mechanisms that enforce reliable aggressive signaling, and the role that cognitive abilities such as learning and memory play in sexual signaling and mate choice. I have used the vocal behaviors of songbirds as a model system for much of this work, but I study signaling production and perception in other animals, including humans. My approach is interdisciplinary combining operant conditioning, hormone manipulations and measurements, tests of cognitive performance, field playback experiments, acoustic analysis, and animal robotics. Recent and continuing projects include: Song, choosiness and cognitive ability in songbirds; Development and plasticity of female mate preferences; Vocal and visual behaviors as aggressive signals in songbirds; Function and perception of ‘soft song’ in songbirds; Human voice perception.

PhD, University of Miami, 2006

Office Location: Biological Sciences Building Room 214
Office Phone: 919-660-0927
Email Address: rindy1@gmail.com
Web Page: http://people.duke.edu/~rca9/index.html

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