John L. Jackson, Jr., Associate Professor

John L. Jackson, Jr.
Office Location:  114B Soc Sci Bldg
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Curriculum Vitae

Popular Culture
Urban Anthropology
Race Studies
North America

Research Interests:

John L. Jackson, Jr., received his Ph.D. in Anthropology from Columbia University in 2000. His first book, Harlemworld: Doing Race and Class in Contemporary Black America (University of Chicago Press 2001), examines vernacular theories of race, class and their "performative" intersections. His second book, Real Black: Adventures Racial Sincerity (University of Chicago Press, 2005), uses ethnography to challenge scholarly assumptions about identity studies and authenticity. He has recently started a third book project on global black Judaism. As a film producer, he has also produced a nationally-distributed documentary, several internationally-screened film-shorts, and an award-winning 16mm feature film.

Recent Publications   (More Publications)

  1. J.L. Jackson, Jr.. "Pass*ed Lives." Women and Performance. Edited by John L. Jackson, Jr and Martha S. Jones.  vol. 29 (December, 2005): 1-7. (I co-edited the special issue of this journal.)
  2. J.L. Jackson, Jr., ed.. "Racial Americana (Special Issue of SAQ)." South Atlantic Quarterly. Edited by John L. Jackson, Jr.  vol. 104 no. 3 ( Summer, 2005.): 1-10. (I wrote the introduction, collected the pieces, an edited the volume.)
  3. J.L. Jackson. Real Black: Adventures in Racial Sincerity. University of Chicago Press, 2005. [ctl]
  4. J.L. Jackson, author and special issue editor. "A Little Black Magic." The South Atlantic Quarterly. Edited by John L. Jackson, Jr..  vol. 104 no. 3 (2005).
  5. John L. Jackson, Jr.. "An Ethnographic FilmFlam: Giving gifts, Doing Rsearch, and Videotaping the Native Subject/Object." American Anthropologist  vol. 106 no. 1 (March, 2004): 32-42.  [abs]