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Rebecca L. Stein Rebecca L. Stein, Nicholas J. and Theresa M. Leonardy Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies and Bass Fellow

Office Location:  205 Friedl Building, 1316 Campus Drive Duke Box 900, Durham, NC 27710
Office Phone:  +1 919 684 4663
Email Address:    send me a message
Web Page:

Office Hours:

By appointment. Please contact me by email.

Research Interests:

Representative Publications   (More Publications)

  1. Stein, R; Kuntsman, A. Digital militarism : Israel's Occupation in the Social Media Age. Stanford University Press, 2015. [available here]
  2. R.L. Stein. Itineraries in Conflict: Israelis, Palestinians, and the Political Lives of Tourism. Duke University Press, 2008.
  3. Rebecca L. Stein and Ted Swedenburg (eds.). Palestine, Israel, and the Politics of Popular Culture. Duke University Press, 2005.
  4. Joel Beinin and Rebecca L. Stein (editors). The Struggle for Sovereignty: Palestine and Israel, 1993-2005. Stanford University Press, 2006.
  5. R.L. Stein. "Dispossession Reconsidered: Israel, Nakba, Things (in French)." Ethnologie Francaise -- Special issue, "Israel au Quotidien"  ( 2015.).
  6. Stein, RL; Kuntsman, A. "Selfie Militarism." London Review of Books  ( 2014.). [available here]
  7. Stein, RL. "Viral Occupation Cameras and Networked Human Rights in the West Bank." Middle East Report  ( 2013.). [mero032013]
  8. Stein, RL. "Inside Israel's Twitter War Room: History of a Social Media Arsenal." Middle East Report  ( 2012.). [mero112412]
  9. Stein, RL. "An All-Consuming Occupation." Middle East Report  ( 2012.). [mero062612]
  10. Stein, RL. "Impossible Witness: Israeli Visuality, Palestinian Testimony, and the Gaza War." Journal for Cultural Research (special issue on Arab Cultural Studies)  vol. 16 no. 2-3 ( 2012.): 135-153. [repository], [doi]  [abs]
  11. Stein, RL. "State Tube: Anthropological reflections on social media and the Israeli State." Anthropological Quarterly  vol. 85 no. 3 (September, 2012.): 893-916. [Gateway.cgi], [doi]
  12. Kuntsman, A; Stein, RL. "Digital Suspicion, Politics, and the Middle East." Critical Inquiry (online feature on Arab Spring)  ( 2011.). [available here]
  13. Kuntsman, A; Stein, RL. "Another War Zone: New Media and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict." Middle East Report  ( 2010.). [another-war-zone]
  14. Stein, RL. "Israeli Routes Through Nakba Landscapes: An Ethnographic Meditation." Jerusalem Quarterly  vol. 43 ( 2010.). [Israeli_Routes_Through_Nakba_Landscapes_An_Ethnographic_Meditation]
  15. Stein, RL. "EXPLOSIVE." Glq: a Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies  vol. 16 no. 4 (October, 2010.): 517-536. [repository], [doi]  [abs]
  16. Stein, RL. "TRAVELLING ZION Hiking and Settler-Nationalism in pre-1948 Palestine." Interventions International Journal of Postcolonial Studies  vol. 11 no. 3 (Fall, 2009.): 334-351. [Gateway.cgi], [doi]

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