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Wesley Hogan, Research Professor of the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute

Wesley Hogan

Wesley Hogan is a Research Professor at the Franklin Humanities Institute and History. Between 2003-2013, she taught at Virginia State University, where she worked with the Algebra Project and the Young People’s Project. Between 2013-2021, she served as Director of the Center for Documentary Studies. She writes and teaches the history of youth social movements, human rights, documentary, and oral history. Her most recent book, On the Freedom Side, draws a portrait of young people organizing in the spirit of Ella Baker since 1960. In July 2021, a book she and Paul Ortiz have co-edited will be released, People Power: History, Organizing, and Larry Goodwyn’s Democratic Vision in the Twenty-First Century.  She co-facilitates a partnership between the SNCC Legacy Project and Duke, The SNCC Digital Gateway, whose purpose is to bring the grassroots stories of the civil rights movement to a much wider public through a web portal, K12 initiative, and set of critical oral histories.   

Contact Info:
Office Location:  114 S Buchanan Blvd Bay 5, Box 90403, Durham, NC 27708
Office Phone:  (919) 660-3610
Email Address: send me a message

Teaching (Spring 2023):

    Reuben-Coo 133, TuTh 03:30 PM-04:45 PM
    (also cross-listed as GLHLTH 331S.01, GSF 233S.01, PUBPOL 332S.01, RIGHTS 337S.01)
    Class Bldg 125, M 10:15 AM-12:45 PM

Ph.D.Duke University2000

Oral history--Methodology • Social change--United States--History--20th century • Social movements • Womens health services • Youth movements

Recent Publications   (More Publications)

  1. Augusto, G; Hogan, W; Mason-Hogans, D, Adapting Critical Oral History Methodology to Freedom Movement Studies, The Oral History Review, vol. 49 no. 2 (July, 2022), pp. 251-282, Informa UK Limited [doi]
  2. Ramanujam, N, Utilization and Perceptions of a Novel Cervical Visualization Tool, The Callascope, For Home-Based Self-Cervical Examinations, Jwhg, vol. 8 no. 3 (December, 2021), pp. 1-24, JScholar [doi]
  3. Hogan, WC; Ortiz, P, People Power History, Organizing, and Larry Goodwyn's Democratic Vision in the Twenty-First Century (July, 2021), pp. 274 pages, ISBN 0813068479  [abs]
  4. Cox, C; Forner, K; Gartrell, J; Hogan, W; Lawson, J; Moore, I; Nelson, N, Building and transferring movement informational wealth: The sncc digital gateway, The Journal of African American History, vol. 105 no. 4 (September, 2020), pp. 626-647 [doi]  [abs]
  5. Hogan, WC, On the Freedom Side How Five Decades of Youth Activists Have Remixed American History (October, 2019), pp. 368 pages, UNC Press Books, ISBN 1469652498  [abs]

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