Publications [#53967] of Boris B. Akhremitchev

Journal Articles

  1. C. Ray, J.R. Brown and B.B. Akhremitchev, "Rupture force analysis and the associated systematic errors in force spectroscopy by AFM", Langmuir, 2007, in press.
    (last updated on 2007/03/29)

    Force spectroscopy is a new and valuable tool in physical chemistry and biophysics. However, data analysis has yet to be standardized, hindering the advancement of the technique. In this article treatment of the rupture forces is described in the framework of the Bell-Evans model and the systematic errors associated with the tether effect for approaches that utilize the most probable, the median and the mean rupture forces are compared. It is shown that significant systematic errors in the dissociation rate can result from non-linear loading with polymeric tethers even if the apparent loading rate is used in the analysis. Analytical expressions for the systematic errors are provided for the most probable and median forces. The use of these expressions to correct the associated systematic errors is illustrated by the analysis of the measured rupture forces between single hexadecane molecules in water. It is noted that the measured distributions of rupture forces often contain high forces that are unaccounted for by theoretical models. Experimental data indicate that the most significant effect of the high forces “tail” is on the dissociation rate obtained from the median force analysis while the barrier width appears unaffected.