Publications [#326458] of Steven Malcolmson

Journal Articles

  1. Adamson, NJ; Hull, E; Malcolmson, SJ, "Enantioselective Intermolecular Addition of Aliphatic Amines to Acyclic Dienes with a Pd-PHOX Catalyst.", Journal of the American Chemical SocietyMay,, 2017, 139(21), 7180-7183 [doi].
    (last updated on 2021/12/07)

    We report a method for the catalytic, enantioselective intermolecular addition of aliphatic amines to acyclic 1,3-dienes. In most cases, reactions proceed efficiently at or below room temperature in the presence of 5 mol % of a Pd catalyst bearing a PHOX ligand, generating allylic amines in up to 97:3 er. The presence of an electron-deficient phosphine within the ligand not only leads to a more active catalyst but also is critical for achieving high site selectivity in the transformation.