Sarcophagus fragment
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Fragment of a marble Sarcophagus
ca. 230-240 ACE
Duke Museum of Art

Papers Published

  1. Boatwright, MT. "Children and Parents on the Tombstones of Pannonia." The Roman Family in the Empire: Rome, Italy and Beyond. Edited by George, M.  Oxford University Press  287-318. [doi]

    © Oxford University Press 2005. All rights reserved. This chapter focuses on funerary stelae in Pannonia in ancient Rome which portray affectionate family groups attired in both Roman and local traditional dress, making a statement about family identity in a way that is not exclusively Roman, yet is congruent with Roman attitudes. Evidence from the provinces illustrates the formation of new regional cultures and identities through the blending of Roman and local forms. New debates about the meaning of 'Romanization' and the extent to which local cultures adopted and absorbed Roman norms, practices, and ideologies add another complicating element in the search for the family in the Roman provinces. A remarkable number of Pannonia's tombstones represent children, at all ages, together with their parents and other members of their family. The affectionate nuclear family enabled presumably distinct identities in Pannonia to be negotiated and accommodated.