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Katie A Langenfeld, Student

Katie A Langenfeld

Please note: Katie has left the "Classical Studies" group at Duke University; some info here might not be up to date.

Katie is an advanced Ph.D. candidate at Duke University's Department of Classical Studies. She focuses on the historiography and cultural history of the Roman Empire and the City of Rome across all periods. Her primary research interests include Roman historiography and literary culture of the 3rd-5th centuries CE and the intersection of text, art, and archaeology in the Late Empire.  She is interested in the social mechanisms that facilitate the circulation of texts in Late Antiquity and in the political unrest in the late empire.

She is in the final stages of her dissertation on the Historia Augusta, a series of thirty imperial biographies written in the late fourth century CE.  Her project explores the creative processes and influences that shaped the Historia Augusta's notorious "forged" and inventive elements: its attribution to six fictitious biographers, its invented imperial dedications to Diocletian and Constantine, and its reliance on invented documents. Her dissertation illustrates how these inventions developed within the collection and how these inventions were harnessed for historical and political purposes.

Before matriculating at Duke, Katie received her B.A. in Classical Studies, emphasis Classical Languages, and B.A. in History at University of Missouri-Columbia.

Contact Info:
Office Location:  05 Allen Building
Email Address: send me a message
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Katie is working as a Writing Consultant in the Thompson Writing Studio for the fall semester 2016.


B.A. in Classical Languages, B.A. in HistoryUniversity of Missouri - Columbia2009

Roman history, esp. of the imperial period
Latin literature

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