Publications [#28491] of Bradley T. Heim

Papers Published

  1. Bradley T. Heim and Bruce D. Meyer, Work Costs and Nonconvex Preferences in the Estimation of Labor Supply Models, Journal of Public Economics, vol. 88 (2004), pp. 2323-2338
    (last updated on 2004/12/06)

    Works costs have not been adequately handled in labor supply estimation, likely due to their complexity. We show that, if work costs are not accounted for in the budget and time constraints in a structural labor supply model, they will be subsumed into the data generating preferences. Even if underlying preferences over consumption and leisure are convex, the presence of unobservable work costs can make these preferences appear nonconvex. However, we show that, under plausible conditions, policy relevant calculations, such as estimates of the effect of tax changes on labor supply and deadweight loss measures, are not affected by the fact that estimated preferences incorporate work costs.

    Labor Supply • Taxation • Structural Estimation