Research Interests for Bahar Leventoglu

Research Interests:

Professor Leventoglu specializes in the study of game theory, international relations, and political economy. Her research has specifically investigated such variables as models of war, international bargaining, regime transitions, social mobility, and ethnic conflict. Her work stems into three lines of research, the first involving leaders’ public statements in relation to negotiation bargaining position; the second deals with explanation of war; and the third follows regime transitions and the variables affecting democracy. Some of her published research papers include, “The Armed Peace: A Punctuated Equilibrium Theory of War,” “Social Mobility and Political Transitions,” “Public Commitment in Crises Bargaining,” and “Does Private Information Lead to Delay or War in Crisis Bargaining?” Her work has appeared in various prestigious academic journals, including the International Studies Quarterly, the American Journal of Political Science, and the Journal of Theoretical Politics. Professor Leventoglu’s latest project, funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, is a study of “Public Commitment in International Relations.” She is currently writing a paper, in collaboration with Ahmer Tarar, covering her recent research discoveries.

Democratization, Game Theory, Social Mobility
Recent Publications
  1. Leventoğlu, B; Metternich, NW, Born Weak, Growing Strong: Anti-Government Protests as a Signal of Rebel Strength in the Context of Civil Wars, American Journal of Political Science, vol. 62 no. 3 (July, 2018), pp. 581-596, WILEY [doi[abs]
  2. Leventoğlu, B, Bargaining with habit formation, Economic Theory, vol. 64 no. 3 (October, 2017), pp. 477-508, Springer Nature [doi[abs]
  3. Leventoğlu, B, Social Mobility, Middle Class, and Political Transitions, Journal of Conflict Resolution, vol. 58 no. 5 (January, 2014), pp. 825-864, SAGE Publications (Forthcoming.) [doi[abs]
  4. with Tarar, A; Leventoǧlu, B, Limited Audience Costs in International Crises, Journal of Conflict Resolution, vol. 57 no. 6 (December, 2013), pp. 1065-1089, SAGE Publications (Forthcoming.) [doi[abs]
  5. with Epstein, D; Leventoǧlu, B; O'halloran, S, Minorities and Democratization, Economics & Politics, vol. 24 no. 3 (November, 2012), pp. 259-278, WILEY, ISSN 0954-1985 [Gateway.cgi], [doi[abs]