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Publications [#266733] of David A. Hsieh

Journal Articles

  1. Chan, KC; Chen, NF; Hsieh, DA, An exploratory investigation of the firm size effect, Journal of Financial Economics, vol. 14 no. 3 (January, 1985), pp. 451-471, Elsevier BV, ISSN 0304-405X [doi]
    (last updated on 2021/12/03)

    We investigate the firm size effect for the period 1958 to 1977 in the framework of a multi-factor pricing model. The risk-adjusted difference in returns between the top five percent and the bottom five percent of the NYSE firms is about one to two percent a year, a drop from about twelve percent per year before risk adjustment. The variable most responsible for the adjustment is the sensitivity of asset returns to the changing risk premium, measured by the return difference between low-grade bonds and long-term government bonds. © 1985.

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