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Curriculum Vitae

Helen F. Ladd

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Box 90312, Durham, NC 27708-0312 (919) 613-7352 (office)

Ph.D. Harvard University1974
MSc with distinctionLondon School of Economics1968
B.A.Wellesley College1967
Areas of Interest

School finance
state and local public finance
school choice
teacher labor markets
racial disparities in education

Areas of Research

Education policy, state and local public finance, intergovernmental fiscal relations

Professional Experience / Employment History

University of Amsterdam
Visiting Research Scholar, , Spring Term, 2009
Duke University
Edgar T. Thompson Professor of Public Policy Studies and Professor of Economics,
Professor of Economics, , 1991- present
Professor of Public Policy Studies, , 1986 - present
University of Cape Town, South Africa
Fulbright Scholar (Lecture/research) Economics Department, , February-July 2002
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Fulbright Scholar (Lecture/research), , February-July 1998
Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Cambridge, MA
Senior Fellow, , September 1989-June 1990
Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Associate Professor of City and Regional Planning, , July 1981-September 1986
Design School and Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning, , 1980-1981
Design School, Harvard University
Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning, , 1978-1980
Wellesley College
Assistant Professor of Economics, , Fall 1974-1977
Instructor in Economics, , Spring term 1973
Harvard University
Teaching Fellow, , Academic year 1973-1974
Dartmouth College
Instructor in Economics, , Fall term 1971
Awards, Honors, and Distinctions

Outstanding Service Award, Association for Education Finance and Policy, February, 2015
Outstanding University Scholar/Teacher of the Year Award, Duke University, 2012
Elected to the National Academy of Education, National Academy of Education, 2011
Member, National Academy of Education
Spencer Foundation Invited Lecture, Spencer Foundation Invited Lecture "Holding Schools Accountable Revisited." Award in recognition of excellence in education policy and management given jointly by the Spencer Foundation and the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, November 8, 2007
Spencer Foundation Lecture in Education Policy and Management, Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management
Richard A. Stubbing Teacher Mentor Award, Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy, Duke University, May 13, 2006
Raymond Vernon prize, 2004
Aaron B. Wildavsky Award for Lifetime Scholarly Achievement in Public Budgeting, APSA's Association for Budgeting and Financial Management, September, 2003
Edgar T. Thompson Distinguished Professor of Public Policy Studies, Duke University, 2003
Steve Gold Award, Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, the National Tax Association, and the National Conference of State Legislatures in honor of Steve Gold for work in state and local public finance, October, 2002
Fulbright Grant to South Africa, spring 2002
Steven D. Gold Award, National Tax Association
The Steven D. Gold Award, Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management
Fulbright Lecturer/Research Scholarship to South Africa, Council for International Exchange of Scholars
Fulbright grant to New Zealand, spring 1998
Howard Johnson Teaching Award, Duke University, 1994
Manuel Carballo Award for Excellence in Teaching, John F. Kennedy School of Government, June 1986
Non-Tenure Faculty Fellowship, Bunting Institute, 1981-1983
James L. Barr Memorial Award for Work in Applied Public Economics, 1980
Tax Institute of America Outstanding Dissertation Award, National Tax Association, 1974
Urban Public Finance Fellowship, Harvard Ford Foundation Grant, 1972-1973
Harvard Fellowship, 1969-1971
Edna V. Moffat Fellowship, 1967
Fulbright Grant to London, 1967-1968
Wellesley College Trustee Fellowship, 1967
Phi Beta Kappa (Junior year at Wellesley College), 1966
Publications (listed separately)
Selected Recent Invited Talks

UNC Center for the Study of the American South Advance Women, October 15, 2013
Bridging the Gap: Funding General Government and Public Education in Connecticut (Invitational Policy Seminar, Part 2), Hartford Connecticut, October 04, 2012
Keynote address for Conference on “Improving Education through Accountability and Evaluation: Lessons from Around the World,” sponsored by the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, INVALSI, and the U, October 3-5, 2012
Keynote address to the Korean Association for Policy Studies, Seoul, Korea, June 2011. (Translated into Korean for the Association publication.), June 2011
Presidential Address to the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, Washington D.C., November, 2011
Education and Poverty: Confronting the Evidence Presidential address, APPAM annual meeting, Washington, D.C., 9 March 2011
League of Women Voters in Orange County on Accountability, 2008
Seminar presentation black white test score gap at Davidson, 2008
Panelist, National Tax Association Meetings session with previous winners of the NTA dissertation award, Columbus, Ohio, 2007
Presentation of CALDER related research annual research meeting of the Institute of Education Sciences, 2007
Presentation of paper on teacher credentials and student achievement at the high school level, APPAM anuual meetings, Washington, D.C., 2007
Presentation of research on high poverty schools and the distribution of teachers at the Harvard Achievement Gap Initiative Conference, 2007
Presentation on the importance of teacher credentials,, Education Trust, 2007
Presentation on the legacy of Richard Musgrave, Special Plenary Session in Memory of Richard Musgravee. 63rd Congress of the International Institute of Public Finance, University of Warwick, England 27-30, 2007
Seminar presentation of paper on teacher credentials and student achievement at the high school level, Department of Economics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway, 2007
Spencer Foundation Lecture, Washington, D.C., 2007
Talk to the Research Advisory Board of the Committee for Economic Development on accountability and teacher labor markets, Washington, D.C., 2007
Two presentations of joint work with Charles Clotfelter and Jacob Vigdor at the first annual public conference sponsored by CALDER, Washington, D.C., 2007
Various presentations and discussions with the media related to chapter with Francisco Riviera-Batiz on education policy in Puerto Rico and San Juan, 2007
Comments on paper by Thomas Nechyba, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Cambridge, MA, 2007
Comments on the contributions of Richard Musgrave, National Tax Association May meeting, Washington, D.C., 2007
Seminar at the University of Amsterdam on Teacher Credentials and Student Achievement, 2007
Presentation on high poverty schools and the distribution of teachers and principals, UNC Conference on High Poverty Schooling in American, October 2006
Presentation on charter schools in North Carolina., Charter School Conference at Vanderbilt University, September 2006
Presentation on how and why teacher credentials matter for student achievement, Economics of Education-International Conference, Dijon, France, July, 2006
Presentation on PhD and Undergraduate Programs in Public Policy, Annual Summer APPAM Meeting in Park City, UT, June 2006
Presentation on teacher labor markets in developed countries, Princeton University, April 2006
Lecture on race and charter schools, Brown University, February 2006
Presentation on charter schools, Institute of Education, University of London, England, November 2006
Presentation on how and why teacher credentials matter for student achievement, Labour Economics Seminar, Oxford University, November 2006
Invited Lecture, Askwith Education Forum at Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge, Mass., February 2005
Invited lecture on accountability, International Forum on Accountability in Education, Mexico City, October 2005
Keynote presentation: Building Common Ground: Towards A "Sound Basic Education" in NC: Implications for Research & Action, conference, School Finance in an International Prespective, University of North Carolina, April 2005
Monore-Paine Distinguished Lecture, Truman School, University of Missouri, February 2005
Invited expert on charter schools, WUNC, The State of Things radio program, September 2004
Invited public lecture, University of Maryland Baltimore County, November 2004
Presentation, Kaufman Foundation, June 2004
Presentation at Brown vs. Board of Education, Conversations across Generations. Hillside High School, Durham, NC, April 2004
Presentation of policy brief on accountability in North Carolina to the New York Symposium on School Finance and Organizational Structure, New York State, March 2004
Presentation on charter school performance, Committee on Education, National Academy of Sciences, November 2004
Presentation on Elusive Equity, World Bank, October 2004
Acceptance Speech for Wildavsky Award for Lifetime Achievement in Public Finance and Budgeting, Washington, D.C., September, 2003
Presentation on Education and Growth, Committtee on Economic Development,Washington, D.C., October 2003
Presentation to Education Writers' Association on School Finance, Chcago, IL, April, 2003
Speaker - Minnesota Economics Association, Minneapolis, MN, October, 2003
Testimony on school vouchers, hearing on Alternative Schools and Educational Reform in theDistrict of Columbia, Committee on Government Reform, House of Representatives, U.S. Congress, May, 2003
Respondent, Joseph D. Moore Lecture, N.C.State, October 2003
Presentation to National Academy of Sciences Panel on Education Research, June 2003
Briefing to the U.S.Commission on Civil Rights, June, 2003
Presentation on No Child Left Behind, CED Research Advisory Board, 2003
Keynote speaker, conference for graduate students in economics, three Western Cape universities, April 2002
Presentation of paper on school vouchers, New York Law School, October 2002
School Reform in South Africa, Wellesley College, November 2002
presentation to senior management, Stellenbosch and Cape Town Universities, June 2002
Jerry Miller lecture on school accountability, Maxwell School, Syracuse University, November 2001
Keynote speaker on accountability, North Carolina State Board of Education, September 2001
Presentation on residential mobility programs, John Locke Foundation, April 2001
Presentation on School Choice in New Zealand, MDRC, New York City, March 2001
Presentation, UNESCO seminar, Paris, France, March 2001
Seminar presentation, University of Florida, Department of Economics, November 2001
Seminar presentation, Duke Seminar on Globalization Equity and Democratic Governance, September 2001
Speaker on school choice, Institute of Michigan School Superintendents, June 2001
Presenter and participant in the U.S. Secretary of Education's Forum on Research and Value-Added Assessment Data, Wednesday, December 5, 2000
National Academy of Education retreat, Washington, D.C., October 24 & 25, 2013

Last modified: 2019/07/18

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