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Research Interests for James W. Roberts

Research Interests: Industrial Organization, Auctions, Applied Microeconomics

Professor Roberts specializes in research pertaining to the general subjects of auctions, industrial organization, and applied microeconomics. His latest works include, “Unobserved Heterogeneity and Reserve Prices in Auctions” and “Can Warranties Substitute for Reputations?” He is also collaborating with Seda Ertac and Ali Hortacsu on “Entry into Auctions: An Experimental Analysis”, with Ben Handel and Kanishka Misra on “Robust Firm Pricing with Panel Data” and with Ryan McDevitt on the study, “Gender Disparity in Urology: Preferences, Competition and Quality of Care”. He recently earned a research fellowship from the Center for the Study of Industrial Organization for 2008-2009 and also completed his doctoral dissertation: “Empirical Essays on Auctions.”

Representative Publications
  1. James W. Roberts, Unobserved Heterogeneity and Reserve Prices in Auctions (November, 2009)
  2. James W. Roberts, Can Warranties Substitute for Reputations? (June, 2009)
  3. with Ryan C. McDevitt, Gender Disparity in Urology: Preferences, Competition and Quality of Care (October, 2009)
  4. Ben Handel, Kanishka Misra, and James W. Roberts, Robust Firm Pricing with Panel Data (December, 2009)

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