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Publications [#238101] of Tracy Falba

Journal Articles

  1. Busch, S; Falba, T; Duchovny, N; Jofre-Bonet, M; O'Malley, S; Sindelar, J, Value to smokers of improved cessation products: evidence from a willingness-to-pay survey., Nicotine and Tobacco Research (OUP), vol. 6 no. 4 (August, 2004), pp. 631-639, ISSN 1462-2203, ISBN 1462-2203 [15370159], [doi] [smoking]
    (last updated on 2017/08/20)

    The present study demonstrated the use of willingness to pay to value hypothetical new smoking cessation products. Data came from a baseline survey of participants in a clinical trial of medications for smoking cessation (N=356) conducted in New Haven, Connecticut. We analyzed individual willingness to pay for a hypothetical tobacco cessation treatment that is (a) more effective than those currently available and then (b) more effective and attenuates the weight gain often associated with smoking cessation. A majority of the respondents (n=280; 84%) were willing to pay for the more effective treatment, and, of those, 175 (63%) were willing to pay more if the increased effectiveness was accompanied by attenuation of the weight gain associated with smoking cessation. The present study suggests the validity of using willingness-to-pay surveys in assessing the value of new smoking cessation products and products with multifaceted improvements. From these data, we calculated estimates of the value of a quit. For the population studied, this survey suggests a substantial market for more effective smoking cessation treatments.


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