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Publications [#354755] of Saketh Aleti

Journal Articles

  1. Hochman, G; Goldman, AS; Felder, FA; Mayer, JM; Miller, AJM; Holland, PL; Goldman, LA; Manocha, P; Song, Z; Aleti, S, Potential Economic Feasibility of Direct Electrochemical Nitrogen Reduction as a Route to Ammonia, Acs Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, vol. 8 no. 24 (June, 2020), pp. 8938-8948 [doi]
    (last updated on 2021/10/29)

    The Haber-Bosch process produces ammonia from hydrogen and nitrogen gases in a globally important energy-intensive process that uses coal or natural gas as a fuel and hydrogen source. Direct electrochemical ammonia synthesis from nitrogen and water using renewable energy sources presents an alternative to the Haber-Bosch process that would be more sustainable. Additionally, the different production structure of direct electrochemical nitrogen reduction technology suggests a supply chain alternative to the ammonia industry and a method for load leveling of the electrical grid. This alternative route to ammonia from dinitrogen would require smaller capital investments than the Haber-Bosch process and would not require a fossil fuel supply. The impact of dynamic electrical power pricing is analyzed for a system that could take advantage of pricing volatility. We show that, under certain scenarios, at achievable levels of energy efficiency with a future electrocatalyst, direct nitrogen reduction would be economically competitive or advantageous compared with Haber-Bosch-based ammonia production.

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