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Publications [#161763] of Alessandro Tarozzi

Papers Published

  1. Alessandro Tarozzi, The Indian Public Distribution System as Provider of Food Security: Evidence from Child Anthropometry in Andhra Pradesh, European Economic Review, vol. 49 no. 5 (July, 2005), pp. 1305-1330
    (last updated on 2009/08/28)

    We study whether a sudden increase of the price of rice supplied by the Indian Public Distribution System in Andhra Pradesh, a large Indian state, had a negative impact on child nutrition. A few months after the price increase, a health survey started to record weight for a large sample of children. The data collection continued for several months, so that children measured later lived for a longer period of time in a less favorable price regime. Using different estimation techniques we find that longer exposure to high prices are not accompanied by worse nutritional status, as measured by weight-for-age.

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