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Brian McDonald

Brian McDonald, Instructor in the Program in Education


M.A., North Carolina Central University, 2011
Contact Info:

213 West Duke Bldg., Durham, NC 27708

Mr. McDonald has been teaching in the Social Studies Department at Jordan High School for the last fifteen years. He currently teaches Advanced Placement Government and Politics, Minority Studies, and American History: Founding Principles, Civics & Economics. Every other year, he also teaches Poverty in America, an elective course he created for Durham Public Schools.  Outside of the classroom, he works with new teachers, supervises the Service Club, and directs the Independent Study Program.

McDonald also works as an adjunct professor in the Program in Education at Duke University. In addition to supervising and coordinating student teachers, he teaches two courses including Teaching High School and Secondary School Issues: Pedagogy, Content, and Methods.  He is the author of Not the end, But the Beginning: The Impact of Race and Class on the History of Jordan High School, 1963-1988.  He is also a frequent speaker on issues regarding race, class, poverty, education, teaching, and service. 

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