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Primary Faculty:

Affiliated Faculty:

  • Zoila Airall, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs for Campus Life
  • Betsy Alden, Lecturer and Admin Coord, (joint with Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies)
  • Hugh Crumley, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Duke Graduate School
  • Emily Daly, Adjunct Lecturing Fellow
  • Darla K Deardorff, Adjunct Instructor (joint with Education Program)
  • Jehanne Gheith, Associate Professor of Slavic Languages and Literature
  • Sam R. Miglarese, Adjunct Instructor of Education and Director of the Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership and Director of Counity Engagement, Office of Durham & Regional Affairs
  • Antholene Prillaman, Lecturing Fellow (joint with Education Program)
  • Julie Reynolds, Associate Professor of the Practice of the Department of Biology
  • Sabrina Thomas, Adjunct Associate Professor of the Practice (joint with Education Program)
  • Suzanne J Wasiolek, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Dean of Students

Emeritus Faculty:

Master of Arts in Teaching Affiliated Faculty:

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