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Publications of Barbara Jentleson

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Non-peer reviewed articles & scholarly writing

  1. B.C. Jentleson, H. Westmoreland. "Project HOPE: Working Across Multiple Contexts to Support At-Risk Students." The Evaluation Exchange XI.1 (Spring, 2005): 2.  [abs]


  1. Jentleson, BC. Better Together: A model university-community partnership for urban youth. Teachers College Press, January, 2011.

Book chapters

  1. Jentleson, BC. "Developing University and Community Partnerships that Support Family Engagement in Out-of-School Time." Promising Practices for Family Engagement in Out-of-School-Time. Ed. Krieder, H; Westmoreland, H. IAP-Information Age Publishing, Spring, 2011. 150-150.  [abs]