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Jeffrey C Valentine

Jeffrey C Valentine, Research Assistant Professor


PhD Social Psychology, University of Missouri-Columbia, 2001
MA in Psychology, Northern Arizona University, 1996
BA in Psychology, University of New Mexico, 1992
Contact Info:

107A West Duke Bldg.
(919) 660-2411
Research Interests:

My research interests sit at the intersection of social, developmental, and educational psychology. Specifically, I am interested in the development of both personal and group identities and how those identities mediate behavior (especially in the area of academics). As such, I?ve conducted research and written on the relationship between self-beliefs (e.g., global self-esteem, academic self-concept) and academic achievement and on the relationships between time use, identity, motivation, and academic achievement, and have current projects underway which examine the construct validity of measures of the self. In addition, much of my research merges theoretical and applied issues. For example, I have conducted research on the effects of mentoring on youth development (e.g., academic achievement, problem behavior), and have conducted research relevant to educational policy (e.g., impact of modified school calendars, effectiveness of summer school programs).

In addition to these substantive interests, I have strong methodological and quantitative interests. For example, I wrote (with Harris Cooper) an instrument designed to help quantify the strength of inference permitted by a quantitative research study (e.g., randomized trials and quasi-experiments), and was a member of the Standards of Evidence committee for the Society for Prevention Research, which was responsible for drafting standards for efficacy and effectiveness trials in prevention research. I am also the coordinator for the What Works Clearinghouse?s Technical Advisory Group (TAG). In this role, I provide methodological and statistical advice to the WWC, and facilitate interactions between the WWC and the TAG. I am also the Co-chair and Managing Editor of the Methods Group for the Campbell Collaboration. In this role, I function much like a journal editor, providing and coordinating methodological reviews of prospective and completed research syntheses.

Finally, I am a meta-analyst by training, and use the lens afforded by a research synthesis perspective to inform all of the primary and secondary research that I do. I am also interested in moving forward the state of the art in meta-analysis, and as such I continue to work on methodological and statistical issues that can help with this goal.

Curriculum Vitae

Typical Courses Taught:

  • Psy 366, Applied analysis of variance
  • Psychology 116, Introduction to social psychology
  • Psy 183cs, Research in schools & classrooms Synopsis
  • ., Cross-disciplinary research in education
Representative Publications   (More Publications)

  1. Valentine, J.C., DuBois, D.L., & Cooper, H. "The relations between self-beliefs and academic achievement: A meta-analytic review." Educational Psychologist 39 (2004): 111-133.  [abs]
  2. Flay, B. R., Biglan, A., Boruch, R. F., Gonz├ílez Castro, F., Gottfredson, D., Kellam, S., Mościcki, E. K., Scheinke, S., Valentine, J. C., & Ji, P. "Standards of evidence: Criteria for efficacy, effectiveness, and dissemination." Prevention Science (Accepted, in press).  [abs]
  3. Valentine, J.C. & Cooper, H. "Can we measure the quality of causal research in education?." Experimental methods for educational interventions: Prospects, pitfalls and perspectives. Ed. G. Phye, D.H. Robinson, & J. Levin. Academic Press, 2005. 85-112.
  4. Cooper, H., Valentine, J.C., Charlton, K., & Melson, A.. "The effects of modified school calendars on student achievement and school community attitudes: A research synthesis." Review of Educatonal Research 73 (2003): 1-52.  [abs]

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