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Peer-reviewed journal articles published

  1. Pardy, JA; Lahib, S; Noor, MAF; Moehring, AJ. "Intraspecific Genetic Variation for Behavioral Isolation Loci in Drosophila.." Genes 12.11 (October, 2021): 1703. [doi]
    (last updated on 2022/11/28)

    Behavioral isolation is considered to be the primary mode of species isolation, and the lack of identification of individual genes for behavioral isolation has hindered our ability to address fundamental questions about the process of speciation. One of the major questions that remains about behavioral isolation is whether the genetic basis of isolation between species also varies within a species. Indeed, the extent to which genes for isolation may vary across a population is rarely explored. Here, we bypass the problem of individual gene identification by addressing this question using a quantitative genetic comparison. Using strains from eight different populations of Drosophila simulans, we genetically mapped the genomic regions contributing to behavioral isolation from their closely related sibling species, Drosophila mauritiana. We found extensive variation in the size of contribution of different genomic regions to behavioral isolation among the different strains, in the location of regions contributing to isolation, and in the ability to redetect loci when retesting the same strain.