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Jessica Covil-Manset, of English and Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies and African & African American Studies  

Jessica Covil-Manset

Office Location: Allen Building
Email Address: jessica.covil@duke.edu


Jessica Covil is a third-year PhD student in English at Duke, where she is also working towards graduate certificates in African & African American Studies and Gender, Sexuality, & Feminist Studies. Her research currently focuses on literary representations of community, belonging, and “home” in 20th-Century American Literature, and on connections between the poetic and the political, especially within Black Feminist theory and praxis. Jessica is a poet herself and enjoys sharing her work both on and off campus. Some of her research-influenced poetry can be found at http://scalar.usc.edu/works/poetry-for-the-people-reading-garveyism-through-poetry/index and https://sites.duke.edu/representingmigration/poetry-reading/.

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