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Carol Apollonio

Associate Professor of the Practice of Russian

Prof. Apollonio teaches Russian language, literature, and translation at Duke. Her book Dostoevsky’s Secrets: Reading Against the Grain comes out in 2009, and she has published a number of translations, articles and reviews on the great classics of Russian literature.

Outside the academic world Carol has worked as a translator of Russian, with experience as a contract conference interpreter at the START Treaty talks and other arms control negotiations in Geneva. Other interpreting assignments have taken her to Helsinki and Moscow, as well as to less exotic but no less fascinating locales such as nuclear power plants in Lithuania and Bulgaria, the U.S. Senate, corn farms in Nebraska, an automobile manufacturing plant in Michigan, and countless, nearly identical, hotel banquets.

At various times in the past Carol has had the opportunity to live and study in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Kyoto, Japan. She is comfortable with the spoken and written language, and has published translations of two books from the Japanese by contemporary writer Kizaki Satoko.

Prof. Apollonio is always alert for opportunities to arrange public celebrations of the wonders of Russian literature and culture. Other activities include yoga, watching good movies, listening to live music, riding her bike around Durham, playing very crudely on the piano, and making cookies. Maggie, a sophomore at Riverside High School, enjoys good conversation, art, pottery, and eating cookies. Nick (age 23) starts law school at Columbia University this year.

Residents and alumni of Wilson and friends should make sure to stop by 217 Wilson every Monday night at 9:00 to have cookies or other edible items, to meet a variety of distinguished and interesting guests, and to discuss the big questions. Musicians and other talented people are always welcome. Beware of Athena the Cat, who has a heart of gold, but is easily annoyed.

Resides with daughter Maggie (15)

310 Languages Building
(919) 451-0844, (919) 660-3140
Residence: 217 Wilson (613-0402)